Biblical ballads and ballades with double haiku ending A

by Hercolena Oliver
(Durban, KZN, South Africa)

Realise that whatever obstacles can be overcome

Happiness is a state of well being unfold

that is relatively permanent arranging.

Be blessed with blessings of peace foretold

Characterized by emotions ranging

from contentment to deep and intense joy.

Bring glory to the name of God; enjoy!

Find such a precious gift.

God is coming forth;

Happiness is not for sale voice.

Viewing al the light from God north

gives you reason to rejoice.

Make peace in friendliness -

Very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.

Find such a precious gift.

Joyfully preserve God's standards last.

Examine, purify and discipline minds and hearts;

Be undaunted by what happened in past -

Peaceful, clean and loving thoughts parts.

Share more fully in sustained work;

Encapsulate in hearts real feeling of love for God lurk.

Find such a precious gift.

Figure out growing seeds of truth with humble hearts covetable

With no intention of ever leaving

What is true, of serious concern, righteous, chaste, lovable,

well spoken and virtuous in praiseworthy receiving.

Find such a precious gift.

Never dream would return

Continue considering

Natural desire for state to continue gain.

True happiness involves relationships with others;

Meet responsibilities;

Humans are gregarious by nature returning;

Truly sustain

Being appy only if we feel loved and love others spurn.

Never dream would return.

Unprecedented richness

That is fundamental to such love leads,

Jesus taught of relationship with God:

Benefit from God' befitting Word spiritualness.

Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs.

How true are the words the Word of God

will last for time indefinite earn.

Never dream would return.

Created in God's imagedom

Is an effort to find out what future holds pale.

To degree cultivate divine attributes exclude.

God's purpose discern

Love, justice, mercy and wisdom.

God's prophecies will never fail;

Spiritual needs include.

Never dream would return.

There is a need to have meaning in life creeds -

Eagerly find out mourn:-

Satisfy spiritual needs:

Never dream would return.

Look forward to time

Reveal depths of appreciation

Through transcendental meditation or introspection.

Take delight in reading gratification

and associating with God's Work protection.

On every utterance coming forth eternal,

Have power beyond what is normal.

For some questions only God can answerable -

Faithful and discreet able.

Insight is especially timely today-

Unbridled curiosity may.

Proliferation of theories about life's purpose perpetration

Honour great tribulation trappy;

God knows what will make us truly happy.

Truth of God's Word is the Bible scolds;

Knows what the future holds.

Share information of course:

Unleash God's full force

Better than thrilling and motivating illusion

Of expectation and conclusion -

Unbridled curiosity.

Reveals inspired book this

Unmistakable message that God is

in absolute control of matters

that affect His people patters.

Strike responsive chord

in rightly disposed individuals accord

Inspiring happiness -

Examine own faithfulness.

Joy intensifies such when fullness -

Unbridled curiosity.

Allow Bible truth to enter life dear;

Face future without fear.

Truths guide life generosity -

Unbridled curiosity.

Strengthen faith

Inclination in the heart of man:

Happiness can be likened to a rainbow;

Warning message span.

Application of Bible teachings above & below

can make for greater happiness.

Positive response having great expectation now.

If, then, your eye is simpleness,

your whole body will be bright.

Appointed time for bringing endless

to injustice and oppression night

set more important things right.

That will be surpassed

Do not easily be dissuaded or discouraged

As abundance is significant.

Mercifully God let right hearted ones survive -

Really important!

Imagine anticipation

In relationship with God score -

May not enter into temptation

Those who view life as little more

than an opportunity to amass wealth

essentially miss out on life freely -

Be sound in mind;

Lead simpler life materially.

Be vigilant with a vie to prayers;

Leave room for spiritual things endless.

Short period of time -

Far more likely to find real happiness.

Keep spiritual things in first place

Global preaching work being accomplished

Evidently happiness wished.

Fierce self control, lovers of good, fear God steerly

More clearly.

Stay awake and keep your senses;

Possessions are not the secret to happiness.

Jesus is wisdom personified while

maintaining simple lifestyle.

Keep in expectation of God's day suits;

Devote time to spiritual pursuits.

Inherit God's heavenly kingdom reelings;

Vital to happiness is feelings

of personal dignity or self worth beitude -

Surprise with fine attitude.

Explain how Creator feels about us smile

maintaining simple lifestyle.

With passing of time

His view is more important than any human sublime

In immortality of the soul above -

Very personification of love staid:

Do not be afraid-

God looks at us without prejudice or malice-

In this turbulent world enjoy peace palace

maintaining simple lifestyle.

Only by experiencing God's Work see;

Sees us for what we are as well as what we can be;

Views those wanting to please Him as precious while

maintaining simple lifestyle

God is with you

Whatever imperfections fright,

Be modest in walking with God laboriously.

Genuine love know;

Try hard to do what is right;

Exert vigorously.

Support us when we do so;

Loyally support.

Jesus has shown mercy to those fearing Him.

Value modesty and humility

True forgiveness, decision,

Undeserved kindness and hymn.

Learn to see yourself through God's eyes utility;

Humbly recognize position;

Loyally support.

Knowing that He views those who love Him

as desirable and that He has confidence in pray,

praise intimate relationship with God hymn,

them even though they

may view themselves as unworthy,

enjoy peaceful life surthy;

Loyally support.

Can do much to enhance personal happiness

Hope is vital to happiness.

Under divine inspiration and elatedness

Positive optimism purport.

Loyally support

Cultivated by positive thinking

Enjoy peaceful life lengths;

Focus on personal strengths.

Law of loving kindness end.

Still God is your friend.

Lead to happiness:

Few would deny that an optimistic view lacks worthiness.

If you cannot trust God as you must

who else can you trust?

Of the future add to happiness test:

Give God your best!

Such optimism has to be based on fact,

Spiritually healing and refreshing act;

Not just on wishful thinking.

To honour God brings rich blessing:

Optimism closer to God unrust;

who else can you trust?

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