Cheerleading Motivational Quotes

I hope you enjoy the below cheerleading motivational quotes.

As a prior cheerleader, I recall the cheerleading team’s attitude. My cheerleading coach had a saying - "Always stay hopeful and encouraged, no matter what the score." Thank you Coach Riggins!

I've learned that the same principal applies in life. There are always new opportunities to win each day and we will recognize them more when we stay positive.

Cheerleading Quotes

Below, please find a few
cheerleading motivational quotes and
other popular cheerleading sayings.

Simply because we do not run across goal lines, slam dunk basketballs, or hit home runs, doesn't mean we can't change the score.
--Author Unknown

Next time someone tells you cheerleading is easy, tell them to do your routine and then get back to you.
--Author Tif

Cheerleaders are simply a jump above the rest.
--Author Unknown

If cheerleading got any easier, it would be called football.
--Author Unknown

The referees have always been blind, it's our job to make them deaf.
--Author Unknown

As a cheer captain, the amount of power you have will depend on how you handle yourself, the respect of your teammates, and the respect of your coach or team advisor.
--Lauren Elizabeth White

I trade sweat for strength. I trade doubt for belief. I trade cheerleading for nothing.
--Author Unknown

Cheerleading is more than a sport; it's an attitude.
--Author Unknown

I don't play the field - I rule the sidelines.
--Author Unknown

Wimps lift weights, cheerleaders lift people.
--Author Unknown

It's hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, and tumble!
--Author Unknown

Save the cheerleader, save the world!
--Hero’s TV Series

I think it would be ideal to have a cheerleader providing us with constant encouragement, but unfortunately we just have to make it alone.
--Love Graphics

Stay on smiling, God above is your cheerleader.
-- Robert A. Henreu

What should we do when we have no cheerleader, or when we are faced with negative criticism? Stand and hold on to your dreams.
-- Unknown

A cheerleader isn't the prettiest girl or the most popular girl. She is a girl who loves to cheer and does it with her whole mind, heart, and soul.
-- Ali

Cheerleading is the life, and life is cheerleading, anything less would be second rate and our squad does not use second rate! And if u are not cheerleading, you best be snowboarding.
-- Randi

In any other sport, if you miss the catch all you lose is the ball.
-- Unknown

It's hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, and tumble!
-- Unknown

Cheerleading is a rivalry, the competition makes you strong. Cheerleading is reaching out to comfort a sister who is sad. It is defending each other in good times and bad.
-- Leah

Cheerleading is a team sport everyone has to work hard to get 1st place. People say it ain't a sport but we work just as hard as any other sport. Cheerleaders are the best!
-- Blondie

There is only one way to cheer - hard!
-- Unknown

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