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“Back from the Future Planning and Zero Based Thinking."

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Free Motivational Games
for Kids

  • Paper Planes
    This game is motivational because it allows children to think about achievable goals and how they can be reached.

    Give each child a piece of paper and instruct her to make a paper air plane from it. On the inside of the plane have each child write a goal she has that she hopes to achieve by the end of the year.

    These goals could include better grades, being nicer to friends, a special toy or anything else the children can think of.

    Have teachers or leaders write encouraging messages on the outside of the planes. Allow the children to fly the planes, and discuss with the children how they should allow their goals to soar.

  • Candy Hunt
    This game is best played in a setting where children are unfamiliar with each other.

    This game motivates children to become friends and work together on projects.

    Hide packages of candy around a large room. Write down a list of animals equaling the number of children at the event. Divide the children into teams of five to seven members. Assign a leader for each team who is then blindfolded. Each child receives the name of an animal and must make that sound throughout the duration of the game.

    The goal of the game is for team members to find the candy hidden in the room and then direct their leaders to the location of the candy using only animal sounds. The team leader has to remember which animals are in his group and follow their signals to the candy. This is a great motivational game because the team members must motivate their blindfolded leader towards the correct placement of the candy.

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  • Back from the Future Thinking
    Imagine that 5 years have passed and everything is now perfect in every respect. Imagine that you are working at the ideal job, working with ideal people, in the ideal place, with the ideal responsibly and earning the ideal amount of money. If your work life, career or business was perfect in every respect, what would that look like?

    You can gather this information by yourself or with a team and use whiteboards or flip charts. Write down every idea. These inputs may include items pertaining to quality of people, share value, sales volume, etc.

    Then ask your team "How?". You can ask how do you sell the necessary products, how do you recruit the best people and how you position yourself to be a part of a great company. Next, look at the steps that must be taken today and in the near future to achieve this goal in 5 years. Finally, make plans for achieving these goals.

    This is useful if you are thinking of changing career and this game can be used in other areas of your life, including relationships, health and finances.

    Free Motivational Games
    for Small Business Owners

  • Zero Based Thinking
    This concept is taken from Zero Based Accounting.

    Instead of trying to reduce and expense, many companies will look at eliminating the expense all together.

    Imagine that your business has been burned to the ground and you have to rebuild. What parts would you start up immediately? What parts of your business would you not start up again? By answering these questions you put all aspects of your business on trial for its existence. For example, would you rebuild in the business area in town? Would you reduce your staff or remove certain product lines?