Top 3 Funny Motivational Speakers

If you are looking for funny motivational speakers to have your audience laughing while absorbing great inspirational and motivational information? If so, I would highly recommend the below three humourous motivational speakers.

Funny Speakers

Brad Montgomery
If you’re desperate for a humorist motivational speaker who is both inspirational and VERY funny — and if your business audience craves keynote speakers who blend laugh-out-loud humor with bona fide wisdom that they WILL implement, then you want humor expert and motivational speaker Brad Montgomery.

Karyn Ruth White
For over 15 years, Karyn Ruth White has been entertaining and motivating business/corporate audiences. Prior to that, she performed professionally for over 12 years as a stand-up comedian. In between comedy "gigs", she assisted top managers in large corporations and observed with a keen eye, the inner-workings of a wide variety of business environments.

Mike Moore
Mike has been involved in providing workshops, seminars and motivational presentations for groups in business, industry, government, education and the helping professions for 25 years. All his presentations involve good content, music, humor and story. Mike recently returned from Wyoming, Yellowknife, Las Vegas and Medicine Hat where he was the keynote speaker and facilitator for conferences on education, medicine and business.

If you are not looking for funny motivational speakers, information offered by Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy may be great for you to use to give your own motivational speech.