Inspirational Motivational Thoughts

Inpirational Motivational Thoughts
by: Brian Tracy

“Knowing what I now know, would I make this decision again?”
-- Brian Tracy

inspirational motivational thought
question used in his personal coaching courses

I’m not telling you to quit your job, or leave your mate. All that I am asking is, “Is there an area in your life that causes you a great amount of stress?” If so, ask yourself some of the below inspirational and motivational thought questions below.

Inspirational Motivational Thoughts:
Personal Strategic Planning and Life Application

  • Knowing what you now know today, is there a relationship that you would not get into today of you had to do it over?

  • Is there an area of your business that you would not have started if you knew what the outcomes would be today?

  • Is there an investment that is draining you of money or emotional energy that you would not get into again if you knew what the outcomes would be today?

    Evaluate your current situations as they are today. Imagine that you have to restart your life from scratch, using a blank board. You have to start your relationship, business or investment.

  • What parts would you start up again immediately?

  • What parts would you eliminate?

  • How would you like things to be?

    These questions take you away from inertia and your comfort zone of doing the same old thing because you have been doing it for such a long time. Think about your next play in life. Once you think and analyze your situation, you can begin making better decisions to take you to the places in life where you truly want to go!

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