by Deepmanohar.Yalamanchi
(Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India)

The First Thing We Think Of Whenever We Choose a Path In Life Is Of Its DESTINATION. But When We Take The LOVE PATH The Same Mind and Heart Never Thinks Of The DESTINATION. It Just Goes...........

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Aug 31, 2017
by: Nisha

LOV PATH with Our Beloved...Should not have any DESTINATION to Reach, and our HEART understands this Very Well. Let’s Go With It......

Dec 14, 2013
The run of Love Path through decoding entire Divan Shams, Rumi's work NEW
by: Anonymous

Hich, the Master, the researcher and interpreter of Molana Rumi's works (DIVAN SHANS, MATHNAVI MANAVI)Born in Boroujerd, Iran, Ostad Hich dedicate his life to Rumi's works study and parsian mystery. He is most notable for decoding entire DIVAN SHAMS after 725 years. It is for the first time in the world that such investigation is going to be published (in 50 volumes) and set him among the rare (Shams researchers) all around the world, more than 5000 codes from DIVAN SHAMS. This action can make divine genius known to all human-beings. He opened workshops in 2007 to find out Art bases from parsian literary texts to expand pure hidden culture in ancestors works.
1 Life and legacy
2 Literary presence
3 Artistic presence
Life and legacy

Literary presence
Interpretation of Mathnavi-Manavi (by Molana Rumi) in 9 volumes titled as:
1 Spiritual society
2 Beyond Journey
3 Voice of silence
4 Living in fourth dimension
5 The Lord of love
6 Dream therapy
7 Salvation in here
8 The God's sight
9 Recreate! your future
Interpreting, heading & decoding the entire DIVAN SHAMS (by Molana Rumi) in 50 volumes that some of them titled as:
1 A ray of king's love
2 Look at that royal king
3 Oh pure & purifier lord!
4 Seeking world lord out
5 The unseen lord
6 Our majesty, The king of goodness
7 Towards the king
8 The charitable lord
9 He is my majesty
10 The king of love
11 The uplifting king
12 How is that king beyond veil
13 The love former king
14 The Great appear from high majesty God
15 Oh mere traceless You are the endless sea
16 Moon in solitude
17 You are the king of union
18 Oh the mercy sun of mystery
19 Divine genius
20 A cup of pure light
21 Sight without thou
22 Chelipa of Saba
23 Dance of Breeze
24 Gift of Breeze
25 Breeze in my mind
26 I can't move without breeze
27 The amorous of breeze
28 The rise of breeze
Artistic presence

Ostad Hich also engaged in artistic activities:
1) Writing the scenarios of King of hearts or divine king
2) Manavi's story Chosen from Masnavi's tales (by Molana Rumi)
3) House of balance (Family feature animation)
4) Covers (inspired from concepts of Divan Shams)
He illustrated a new horizon and directs some works in Sun of Art by designing heart cards which resulted in coming up lots of priceless artistic works in that field and he guided the illustration of Rumi's works by Hamid Reza Goodarzi (Artist) exposure in different exhibitions with the names Real Identity, True Life-Virtual Life and creating lots of artistic works, such as:
Script_writing, Play writing, Graphic Movie making, Animating, Story-witting, Toreutics, Imaginary arts, Calligraphy, Music, Poetry and etc

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