Motivational Biblical ballads and ballades with double haiku ending B

by Hercolena Oliver
(Durban, KZN, South Africa)

Use more powerful word like hope,

Welcome expression of love, don't mope.

Favourable and confident expectation

Rise ise to welcome exclamation.

Happy anticipation of good

Display of wisdom and discernment could

for God's marvelous work and creation thrust;

who else can you trust?

Hope is more than mere or more elation -

an optimistic view of a situation.

Enjoy intimacy with God gust;

who else can you trust?

When faithful humans will attain

Perfect life in paradise on earth for wise:

Do what is right in God's eyes

and you will have His favour and blessing;

Expect to have such a future lessening;

Carry out granted mandate most effectively;

Every reason to be happy objectively.

Rise, stand and be visible as God's creation stances

Even if present circumstances

leave much to be desired gratifications.

Time to meditate on implications.

Find out why you can believe the Bible

Esteem as wisdom of God scribble.

Enrich spiritually at length;

Take and gain strength.

Build up sense of contentment in vein;

Not prove to be vain.

Ultimate secret to real happiness

is doing the will of God togetherness.

Message of comfort meditations.

Time to meditate on implications.

Life built on obeying

Bible precepts is a happy life swaying.

Share Bible's comforting message steering;

Happy are those hearing

the Word of God and keeping it -

Read the Bible legit.

Faithful mankind would someday

enjoy perfect life in earthly paradise stay.

Be encouraged by the wonderful message inclinations.

Time to meditate on implications.

From God who supplies comfort scout

Learn what the Bible says about

a brighter future under God's kingdom jubilations.

Time to meditate on implications.

Even now he would have spiritual paradise

Offer advice on important subject subjections.

Paradise principle:

Benefit by following befitting directions.

Do myriad other things needed to keep going participle;

Given knowledge and thinking ability further

Reason so as to want to please God disciple.

Likely welcome a comforter -

Someone to ease the burden just a little -

Wisdom of avoidance as it were.

Peaceful, refreshing place skittle

Is widely accepted not to belittle.

Live in honour as gardenlike home

Environment that is pleasing to the eyes:

Living by Biblical principle will make you happy;

Enjoy peace with one's fellow man and with God wise;

With sincerity of heart and fear of God chappy.

Think about purpose of life abundantly;

Superior source of wisdom.

Start to read the Bible frequently;

Draw close to God and He will draw close to you in kingdom.

Seek help to understand the Bible;

Sign when all things destinied to come to conclusion

Make quick progress and soon dedicate life to God able;

Boldly declare defusion.

Learn about spiritual paradise;

Apparent reason join kingship.

Await further developments rise;

Vital part of true worship.

Heartfelt thanks to God for deliverance

Public ministry

Come to think differently;

Fulfill Jesus' words vividly.

Love of God enforces desire to continue ministry -

Good news of the kingdom will be preached some -

Let your conscience be your guide;

Know how to be happy tried.

Hope overcome.

Impress by joy and zeal;

Embrace truth college;

Appreciation for Bible knowledge;

Participate every day; feel

Bible is true and is God's Word, unless

Rather than being downhearted be thankful to be alive,

Not satisfied merely to know basics of religion, survive,

Make progress,

Learn about God and His will as revealed in the Bible,

Grow close shape life togetherness -

Knowledge frees from things that rob of happiness.

Please God noble

As the truth will set you free,

Divinely instituted -

Learn about everlasting life restituted -

Important things and attitudes to see.

Enormous relief!

Benefit from learning work -

Truth frees quirk.

Surrender out of love for God brief;

Jesus one for all times obtained rise

everlasting deliverance for us, surely.

Knowledge of God is closely

associated with paradise.

Live to do God's will understood;

Earth will be filled with the knowledge of Jesus see

as the waters are covering the very sea.

Do not forget to do good.

Knowledge by itself is not enough

To bring about peace foretold,

Act on what he learns,

Do your best to truly please God untold;

Cultivate fruits of the spirit yearns.

Realize strengths and weaknesses seemingly

and give council and encouragement accordingly.

Contribute to spiritual paradise.

True Lord protocol:

Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness heaven-sent,

goodness, faith, mildness, self-control:

Messenger of covenant -

Strive to cultivate such qualities;

Represent God utilities.

Contribute to spiritual paradise.

Do no unrighteousness nor speak a lie.

Saviour who is Christ the Lord,

Timely direction try.

Draw timely conclusions in heart accord

First of the fruits of the spirits is love.

Meditate on words and draw strength from above.

Contribute to spiritual paradise.

Face challenges frivolity;

Apply Biblical principles in daily life not despise;

Understand hardship enhances quality;

Contribute to spiritual paradise.

Imitate fine example

Promote peace and unity selves;

Finally find

Love among yourselves.

Distinct words and worlds mind

Submit to Christ.

Indication of knowledge of depths of religion

Truly love one another heist.

Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.

Realise certain rights and responsibilities inhibit;

Take courage avenges.

Pray for support of the Holy Spirit;

Face challenges.

Conduct with care;

Adore sincere believers vindication.

God's purpose prepare;

Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.

Cultivate quality sorry;

Special religious devotion.

No longer worry;

God's Holy Spirit will be poured out upon you potion.

Deserve full cooperation story

To God and to Jesus be the blessing succession

and the honour and the glory.

Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.

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