Great Motivational Ideas and Ideas to Motivate

Motivational Ideas

Do something nice for yourself. This could mean taking 10 minutes to just sit and meditate (even in a bathroom) or this could mean purchasing yourself something nice - a lipstick, some ice cream, or a special fragrance.

Motivational Ideas

Watch those people who are famous whose health and fitness you would like to immolate. See what characteristic(s) they have and see how you can incorporate those characteristics into your being. For instance, you can start to image what it would feel like to attract so many mates because of your improved physical characteristic. This thought alone will motivate you because you will have a mental image of the results you would like to see in your own life. This is why so many people use posters to motivate them when losing weight or restoring their health.

Motivational Ideas

Practice “Back from the Future Thinking”. Imagine that in 5 years your career is now perfect. Write out what that would look like and answer the following questions to get you started:

1) What type of work would you be doing?
2) What degrees, accomplishments or certifications would you need?
3) Who would you work with?
4) Where would your office(s) be?
5) How much money will you make? And so forth…

Now, decide what steps you can take today and in the next 12 months to start realizing that dream.

Motivational Ideas

Say the following two affirmations daily, even if it is not true at the moment:
1) “I love me and love loves me.”
2) “I am patient, understanding and try to be the best that I can be so that I may be the best for others.”
3) Write a list of the positive aspects of the people who you are in relationships with. You can list what you like best about your mate, sibling, co-worker and anyone else who you interact with daily or have significant relationships with. This will motivate you to keep working at the relationship and if anything focus on the good in the person.

Motivational Ideas

Reorganize your bills. I received this input from Abraham Hicks. The majority of people need help in this area. If this does not apply to you – GREAT! This process works best for frustrated individuals.
Let me tell you how the process works. Get writing pad and write at the top – “Become Free of Debt”. Next, create as many columns as you have bills. From the far left column write a name that describes your biggest bill, such as “house payment.” Next, on the first line below the header, write that amount. On the line below the monthly amount, write the total outstanding debt for this “House Payment” category. This will allow you to view your expenses in a new way.

Ex. Becoming Debt Free

House Payment| Car Payment | Daycare| Credit Cards/Loans| Water | Light
$1200 |$600 |$500 |$300 | 100 | 50
$180000 |$11600 |$500 |$3000 | 100 | 50

Each month you may adjust this as you aim to eliminate the smaller debts first. Eventually you can put those funds towards increase and double payments on larger debts, eventually becoming debt free.

Motivational Ideas

Just say, “Thank you” for everything you appreciate in your life as you recognize it.

Motivational Ideas

Start your day on focusing things that you like and things that you appreciate. Start your first 3-5 minutes each day focusing on things that you appreciate and after that you can focus on things that you do want. You can keep a journal or just think about those things as you brush your teeth. Whatever feels best to you.

Go to the places where the things you want are. This means that you should visit the auto dealership where the cars are that you would like to purchase. Drive through the country side or area where the homes you would like to live in are and so forth. You don’t need to overdo it, but by visiting these places, you will remember what you goals are and eventually put forth more energy in motivating yourself to attain these things!

Visualize what you would like to have for 5-10 minutes a day. Exactly what is it that you want and how does it make you feel. For instance, if you want a new car – how would it feel to drive up to a new place in front of all your peers with it. How does it smell? What does it feel like to grab the wheels sand press the gas as the engine accelerates? The more details the better. You get the picture, the more details the better.

Write a script about receiving what you want. This is similar to visualization, but slightly more powerful in the fact that by your writing it you confirm it a bit more with your belief of your attaining it. Tyler Perry, play writer and movie producer, was abused and poor at one point in his life. He began to find some relief from his daily heartaches during this time by writing some of his thoughts in a small journal. Those thoughts later became plays and the successes that he wrote about eventually came to fruition, so this is a worthwhile task – even just to simply have fun with it.

If for instance you would like more money, write a script (maybe a paragraph or two, whatever it takes to make you feel better). You can start with, “I am so grateful and happy that…”

5 Minutes.
When you don’t want to do something, instead of focusing on the drudgery of the task, just get up and do it for 5 minutes. If you don’t want to stick with it after that you can do something more pleasurable. Most of the time you will find that you will just continue the task to completion and if you don’t, that’s fine, the next time you start try to expand the task time to 10 minutes and you will eventually get things done.

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