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The First Thing We Think Of Whenever We Choose a Path In Life Is Of Its DESTINATION. But When We Take The LOVE PATH The Same Mind and Heart Never Thinks …

Varun arora's Motivational quotes 
"Success is my shadow"

Hercolena's Trustworthy Motivational Poem 
You can trust in me Like a dependable mountain, May friendship replenish you Like an eternal fountain.

Jaime-Ann Laidlaw (on Social Media 2010) Not rated yet
I would rather be worth virtually something than virtually nothing!

D-Anil Motivational Quote - Experience Life Not rated yet
"life starts when we born, living starts when we learn"

Friendship Not rated yet
True friends are there to listen without judging and love without expectations.

Adrian M Williams Fitness Quote of The Day Not rated yet
Emotional eating is a problem we fight, with all of the issues we face in life. Don’t let your emotions control your life, eating to much won’t make it …

Adrian M Williams Fitness Quote of The Day Not rated yet
Don’t let others stand in the way of the Will-Power you display. Will-Power comes from within, let it show to family & friends. ((Your Will …

Fitness Quote of The Day Not rated yet
One way to reach your goals, is to practice patience and self-control. Don’t look for a quick fix, take the time, there are no tricks. Adrian M Williams …

Hercolena's Acceptance Quote Not rated yet
Love denotes acceptance of imperfections’ doubles. Strength is cultivated in handling troubles, carrying heavy burdens, holding and witholding opinions …

Hercolena's Loving Quote Not rated yet
You can make each day a happy one by the loving things you do, sharing hopes and dreams and making wishes come true.

Hercolena's Importance Quote Not rated yet
Whether you laugh or cry, what is important is that you try. Of siginificance is the right tone of voice not wry, the right tone in melody and being atoned …

Hercolena's Patronised Quote Not rated yet
Ascending is just as easy as descending in general patronised pattern boulders. Lifting the spirits will incite a feeling of having a weight lifted off …

Hercolena's Patronised Quote Not rated yet
Ascending is just as easy as descending in general patronised pattern boulders. Lifting the spirits will incite a feeling of having a weight lifted off …

Hercolena's Enhancing and Motivational Quote  Not rated yet
Why the act of belittling others is a seeming prerequisite for degradation in enhancing self image defies comprehension and is reprehensible. None is as …

Hercolena's Awesome Quote Not rated yet
Awesome and awful seems similar and indeed are discipline. Substantinal doses of education can have the same effect as medicine on prescription, in moderation, …

Hercolena's Enhance Motivational Quotes Not rated yet
Meeting can temporarily enhance otherwise fleeting relations. Auditioning for the stage of life is not a prerequisite for reservations.

Hercolena's Aspiring Motivational Quotes Not rated yet
Imperfections is essentially aspiring originality to compete. Learning process commences with realisation that knowledge is incomplete.

Hercolena's Imperfections Motivational Quote Not rated yet
The very imperfections that are pondered on and deplored are the very one that facilitates uniqueness explored.

Hercolena's Possible Motivational Quotes Not rated yet
Faults are merely acknowledgements of possible improvement. A hand intact is as good as giving a hand in movement.

Hercolena's Opportune Motivational Quotes Not rated yet
At the bottom is just what will return to the top in the turning wheel of fortune. Images are recreational images of creation perfection opportune.

Hercolena's Interests Quote Not rated yet
Multiple interests are as good as commitment to one ability. Fixed narratives contain elements of variability.

Hercolena's Passing Quote Not rated yet
Passing is an achievement that in passing could be deceivement. Comparison of people distinguishes traits as judgement day awaits achievement.

Hercolena's Validation Quote Not rated yet
Specific validation improved relation. Compliance is embedded in reliance. Conversation is expressive of elation; participation is impressive in recreation …

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Hercolena's Poignant Motivational Poem Not rated yet
Perseverance is poignant proving determination eventually succeeds all odds at mayhem. External flow symbolises emotions as we know them.

Hercolena's Oblique Motivational Quote Not rated yet
Life whether colourful or bleak, exciting or oblique nonetheless may at times not seems worth living, yet continues regardless.

Hercolena's Brevity Quote Not rated yet
Brevity of life whether now or in longevity becomes insiginificant measured comparable to the great scheme of eternity.

Hercolena's Stimulation Quote Not rated yet
Points to consider whither when met with undue unjust opposition. Caffein stimulates the body, prayer stimulates disposition of the spirit and philosiphy …

Hercolena's Obtained Motivational Poem Not rated yet
Power can be obtained in various ways least not being prayer. Exploring the depths of one's conscious and subconscious there can prove more productive …

Hercolena's Inevitable Motivational Quote Not rated yet
Width is inevitable as height is incredible. What is in the background is equally important to what is ostensibly visible.

Hercolena's Credibility Quote Not rated yet
Target driven approaches are best geared at a specicfic audience. Title entitles one to incredible credibility accordiance.

Hercolena's Intrepid Inspirational Quote Not rated yet
Interviewing oneself seeks honesty deployed desertation. Equivalent of positioning is pausing in intrepid motion as motivational interpretation.

Hercolena's Realization Motivational Quote Not rated yet
The height of one's career is not at the pinnacle of understanding, but at the moment of realization of other's predicaments on landing.

Hercolena's Discovery Motivational Poem Not rated yet
Not now, but one day, You’ll discover the purpose of every tear. You’ll comprehend, though not today Why your very existence has brought u here. …

Hercolena's Encompassing Motivational Poem Not rated yet
You appear small In a world encompassing all, Wondering what path to follow To escape the sleepy hollow. This is the only life you have on this earth …

Hercolena's Tiring Motivational Poem Not rated yet
You’ve tired while there’s a storm around you. You’ve grown weary as troubles surround you. You’re almost home, you’ve almost reached your destiny For …

Motivational Poem: Hercolena's Fleeting Not rated yet
You do not know every hour, Nor have you sampled every flower. You perhaps have not found love & have been evaded by blessings from above. You query …

Motivational Poem: Hercolena's Pervading Quote Not rated yet
Ends of pervading weeks arrive, Bringing rest&peace, you’re still alive. Winds even got to rest, as then do waves; Conquer with might destiny as it …

Motivational Poem and Quote: Restful Not rated yet
Have peace and rest Knowing God knows best.

Motivational Poem: Hercolena's Trying Quote Not rated yet
You may have tried to call And feel abandoned by all. Feel free to phone me herewithall To discuss your problems, however small.

Hercolena's Spiritual and Motivational Quote Not rated yet
Keep your spiritual light shining bright Over a world otherwise devoid of light. Try with all your might to alleviate plight By being a star …

Motivational Quote: Hercolena's Despairing Quote Not rated yet
Do you feel like you’re drowning in deep despair? Please know that I’m there & my friend, I do care.

Motivational Poem: Hercolena's Hearfelt Quote Not rated yet
Dear friend, Your heart may feel cold With no-one on whom to depend. May this here serve your broken heart to mend.

Hercolena's Weary Motivational Poem Not rated yet
Your soul may be weary at this time, Landscapes may seem shadowed devoid of hope; Oh, would it serve any purpose of worth was one dime Adding to failures …

Hercolena's Joyful Friendship Quote Not rated yet
The joy in friendship says I’m sorry to watching, waiting and ridding worry.

Hercolena's Sorrowful Inspirational Quote Not rated yet
Come sorrow and sadness, Hurt and pain, Friendship brings gladness As every cloud brings rain.

Hercolena's BlessingsQuote Not rated yet
When storms surround, Blessings still abound.

Hercolena's Pacifying Quote Not rated yet
May my words pacify your dreary mood, Abandoning desolate thinking in reminder of good.

Hercolena's Peaceful Quote Not rated yet
May peace unfathomable descend on you, so that you find pleasure where once you were blue.

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Hercolena's Golden Motivational Poem Not rated yet
Friendship can make for a golden day, Togetherness can make more sunny a bay; However sad you may feel, I wish you a good day. Hope is a rainbow over …

Hercolena's Alone Motivational Poem Not rated yet
If you feel abandoned and alone, If you feel sick&despondent please phone. The sun always rises again, Please accept my sympathy to alleviate your pain. …

Hercolena's Relief Motivational Quote Not rated yet
Time brings relief, Much like sunshine after rain. Indeed there is a time for crying, Yet also to be happy again.

Hercolena's Happy Motivational Poem Not rated yet
Bless you; be happy at work and at play, Light dispels darkness, Mercifully faith confess, Brings more wisdom from day to day.

Hercolena's Aspie Poem Not rated yet
For the tears you’ve flooded aspie, For the light that has left your eye, May your spirit exult in upward motion As you experience relief and elation. …

Hercolena's Fearful Quote Not rated yet
You may fear failures, Or experienced rejection, Calling in vein lures, Don’t worry, few’s perfection.

Hercolena's Inspirational Quote: Near Not rated yet
If you’re living in fear, Please know that I’m near.

Motivational Poem: Hercolena's Courage Quote Not rated yet
Take courage: The night passes as morning comes, new flowers blossom where a bee hums.

Motivational Quote: Hercolena's Feigning Quote Not rated yet
If you feel in pain and your heart’s been wounded again would it be difficult in fleeting joy a smile to feign?

Hercolena's Friendship Motivational Quote Not rated yet
Friends are not friends who never fail, But never tire of listening to repetitive tale.

Hercolena's Forgiving Quote Not rated yet
No friend you know is perfect so Forgive and forget, discard arrow & bow.

Hercolena's Motivational Quote: A Friend Not rated yet
Fear not even the stormy night, Knowing you’ve a friend though not in sight.

Hercolena's Motivational Quote: Joy Not rated yet
Thoughts for consolation through trying times: Find joy in pain, remembering sun shines after rain.

Hercolena's Truthful Quote Not rated yet
The absolute truth may not necessarily be just that small. Acessibility based on set criteria does not amount to accessibilty at all.

Hercolena's Merited Motivational Quote Not rated yet
The fact that people always want to get the last word in legit does not mean that word is of any substantial merit.

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